Forever Gold: A Dark Fantasy RPG

“Even among the finest breeding, aberrations of nature can occur. A prized goat births a kid with two heads. A pedigreed cat bears a one-eyed kitten. An archduke begets a son with the haretouch.

You’ve known death since you were young. It welcomes time and time again with open arms, although it never deigns to keep you long. You did something terrible once. As penance, you withdrew yourself from the society granted by your high birth and retreated into exile, where your nature could harm no longer. In the years since, you have accepted your lot in life: lone, furtive, with only the beast of your curse for company. But fate seems determined to dig her hands into the soil and wrest your poor and wretched person from obscurity. She thrusts you into the burning light of leadership - and your weak eyes struggle to adapt.”

Forever Gold is a dark fantasy, text-heavy rolplaying game. It is a game about the nature of change as told through the unprepared young heirs to a country in turmoil - and of these heirs, none are less suited to leadership than you. You are Duke Quintrell Barghur: a cursed black meur wielder, misanthrope, and an all-around painfully awkward man. When a mysterious affiliation called the "Brothers of the Barehand" starts stirring up political unrest, you are summoned from your lowly job of mine inspector to join the Prince Convoy. With the rest of your companions, you must travel the Tri-Kingdom of Vestur, quelling unrest and managing the complexities of public and court life... all while navigating the pitfalls of being, well, you.

Halfway between visual novel and interactive fiction, Forever Gold is a unique multimedia experience incorporating artwork and writing with role-playing game mechanics such as skill systems, dice rolls, and lasting narrative decisions.

06/26/2024 - THE DEMO IS OUT! Act I, Chapter I is TBA.